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Other SPEC Programmes

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SPEC offers a range of other programmes:

SPEC Level 2 is a programme that can be offered to Year 12 students who may

or may not have completed the Foundation qualification.  

If students need Level 2 credits, then this is an innovative and student driven way of

gaining relevant and meaningful credits.

SPEC Certificate in Key Competency Development (Entry Level)

for supported learners who are working towards The New Zealand Certificate

in Skills for Living.

This programme is for young people who are working towards Level 1 of  the New Zealand Curriculum

and who require substantial, ongoing support and adapted resources for them to progress in their learning.

SPEC Sensory Certificate of Achievement

This certificate and programme is for young people who operate at a sensory level and experience

learning rather than fully participate in the activities.  The students will often require physical and

verbal support to engage in sensory experiences.

SPEC Kiwi Primary Programmes

These programme are written specifically for primary/intermediate age students and do not

require a SPEC membership.  They build the scaffold in terms of personalised learning and

key competency development required for a smooth transition to high school, where

students who have required an alternative pathway, can choose to follow one of the new

New Zealand qualifications.

SPEC Shooting Star Award

The Shooting Star Award can be used as an introductory Award to the

New Zealand Certificate in Foundation Skills Level 1.

SPEC Reading Programme

The SPEC reading programme has been written to target the older learner who is

struggling to learn to read.  This is a New Zealand based scheme with an exciting

sequential story line and controlled vocabulary to ensure students experience success.

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