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FQA - Considerations

FAQ - What are the considerations?

I want to deliver the NZ Certificate in Skills for Living for supported learners Level 1 qualification.  What do I need to do?

1.  You will need to have a trained teacher to oversee/deliver the Skills for Living qualification. This person will be the named SPEC

    co-ordinator for the school.

    The named co-ordinator must attend a SPEC training session as they will be responsible for the internal moderation of the student

    portfolios prior to external verification.  They will also be responsible for in house training of other staff involved in the SPEC programme

    delivery so it is essential to be able to relay accurate information.

2. The school needs to be a SPEC member.  Print off a Membership Form from the “how to Join’ button above, and read the Terms and

   Conditions before signing.

   Fax or scan/email back to the SPEC office.  SPEC will contact the school and confirm arrangements.

3.  The school will need to apply for NZQA Accreditation to deliver the approved programme leading to the New Zealand qualification.   

   This is done electronically by the school’s principal’s nominee.  It requires information about staffing, resources, time allocation, a letter

   from SPEC and CV’s.

  Details can be found on the NZQA website or through your sector relationship manager.  SPEC is able to provide a sample of what is

   required.  Please email for further information.

How many hours will need to be allocated to run the qualification?

You must remember that you are delivering a New Zealand qualification rather than just a SPEC programme, so in order to provide the best

 possible outcomes, there needs to be an allocation of sufficient notional hours of contact time.

This is a 55 - 75 credit qualification, that equates normally to between 550 - 750 notional hours of work.  However because this qualification

is for students who require ‘learning support’ the notional hours are x’s 2, meaning that approx 1100 hours should be allocated for the Core

 part of the qualification and 400 hours be  allocated to the Skills for Work Optional Strand. Students may start this qualification at Year 9,

 and it may take 2 - 4 years to complete in a school setting.

Can students gain credits towards NCEA through the Skills for Living qualification ?

NO, not is using the NZQA approved SPEC programme.  Remember that if your school has decided to offer the New Zealand Skills for Living

 qualification, they will have identified the students as being those who are working at the lower levels of the New Zealand Curriculum, and

 therefore will struggle to meet the literacy and numeracy requirements to gain NCEA Level 1.

A consideration to think about and discuss with the school’s sector relationship manager is that supported unit standards are for use with

 students who require ongoing support and adapted resources in order to access the curriculum. They  have a range of complex learning

 needs to include those students who are intellectually disabled.  A new suite of 14 supported standards have been written to support the new qualification.

List of new supported standards

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