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Book 1 - Spike

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The first reading book ‘Spike’ introduces 20 words that students learn prior to receiving the reading book.  The words are learned

through pictures created on A5 durable card.  There are additional word and picture cards to use in a variety of games to

consolidate the word learning.

This is a sequential story and the last page is left with a ‘cliff hanger’ so the students are motivated to want to read more to

find out what happens next.

The slides above provide an example of what to expect from Book 1.

Each reading book has 32 pages and is presented as an A5 book.

The selection of 20 words learned in book one have

been carefully chosen to enable the construction

of asking an open ended question, encouraging

thinking and prediction.

Where is this going?

What is Spike doing?

Can you see what is happening now?

By adding the following completes the list of 20:

fast, This, missing, down, he, it, can, what

Combinations of these 20 words make the simple

sentences to accompany the pictures which actually

make up the story.  It is very important therefore

to unpack the pictures on each page and talk about

the detail in them.