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Latest News and New Resources - May 2017

Term 2 News

Welcome back to Term 2.

1. We have organised Term  2 meetings and you can find these on the Home page of  this site.  Please note the ‘cut off’ date for

     your meeting and make sure you book in both your files and yourself, using the booking form, and student official forms.

2.  Accreditation for the new qualifications - there are three parts to the process.  One - SPEC writes a letter to support your

     application.  Two - your school must identify contact hours, resources, staffing three - the teacher/s needs to provide a CV.

     Westmount School have successfully achieved accreditation for the Skills for Living, and they are willing to share the detail

     they submitted.  Contact the SPEC office if you wish a copy of this.

4. NEW RESOURCES - We have five new Headway modules: In the Environment section, Creatures, Science Splash and

     Transport, and in the Leisure section, Kiwi Icons and History.

     We have also two new progression charts for the new NZ qualifications and detail of modules.  Click on the Home page

     posters to order.

5.  Reading Scheme Books 1 - 6 are complete.  This is an exciting scheme targeting students who are not motivated to read,

     and are struggling to read.  Click the star to print a flyer.

Reading Promotion 2017.pdf