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Latest News and New Resources - February 2018

Welcome back to Term 1.

1. Please take the time to familiarise yourselves with all the improvements made to the resources.

     Changes to the Headway Record pages

     Changes to page 4 of the new Headway books

     Colour coded forms to help with verification

     New supplements to help the implementation of the new  qualifications

     New supplement for the verification procedures

     New supplement for new schools/staff in helpful hints to get started with students

     The new supplements are gifted to all delegates who are attending Term 1 training, or they are available to purchase

     as sets.  Look at Foundation resources or Supported Resources.

2.  Accreditation for the new qualifications - Schools must complete the ‘accreditation to deliver an approved programme.

     Details are on the process can be found by clicking on the NZ Qualification button above and looking at the link on the right

     hand side of the page on frequently asked questions.

     If schools follow these instruction, the process should be straightforward.

3.  There are training opportunities in Term 1 for both National training for teachers and a session for Teacher Aides.


4. We now have a dedicated reading website

Term 1  2018 News