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Kia ora and welcome to the SPEC website.  

The SPEC programmes are NZQA approved for two New Zealand qualifications (Level 1) that have a focus on developing


Self management, working with others, critical and creative thinking are crucial skills needed for work and/or

further learning.  

The ‘future focused personalised learning programme has proven successful results across the country for students who

require an different approach to learning.  


This programme helps students develop their literacy and numeracy skills, develop personal growth which results in positive learning engagement and success.

Students are encouraged to take more control over their own learning by being involved in all aspects, from choosing what to do, planning an activity, setting a learning

goal and reflecting on what they have achieved and how they have developed their competencies.

The Foundation programme help students to re-engage with their learning and if appropriate ‘get back on track’ with NCEA.

Or provide an alternative pathway for students who are want to gain employment.

The Skills for Living programme is for students functioning between levels 1 - 2 of the New Zealand Curriculum and require support.

The programme provides relevant and meaningful  learning that leads to a qualification that is better suited to their learning needs.

The ethos and principles of our programmes directly link to the New Zealand curriculum’s vision for Directions for Learning;


“Young people who will be confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners”.

The NZQA link above takes you to the website where you can view the detail of each new qualification.

The New Zealand Foundation Skills qualification link above provides the detail of the approved programme.

The New Zealand Skills for Living qualification link above provides the detail of the approved programme.

SPEC also offers other programmes from primary through to high school and beyond, See other SPEC Programmes for more information.