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Excellence Schools Criteria

Each year SPEC members are encouraged to become ‘SPEC Excellence Schools’.

The criteria is a list of essential components that schools agree to when becoming a SPEC member, so providing the school

follows these, and can demonstrate commitment to the courses and successful outcomes for students, the school should

easily be able to provide evidence to support their submission.  If you are already a SPEC Excellence School then we require a review of the

year and your projection/plan for the next year, along with supporting evidence.

In addition, we will be looking particularly at schools who are or will be offering the new New Zealand certificates.

The submission date for this year is Friday 30th November 2018

The application OR review requires schools to:

1.   Include conformation from the principal or member of the senior management team, confirming the schools commitment to the programme/qualifications.

2.   A written report on the history of SPEC in the school.  (If this is a subsequent submission, then an update on how SPEC was run for the

      year and predictions for the following year).  Any training attended?  How you run your internal moderation meetings?

3.   Student feedback, written statements on how SPEC courses have made a difference to their learning.

4.   Parent feedback.

5.   Confirmation that the school has sent a representative along to at least ONE verification meeting for the year and that the quality assurance

      procedures have been followed.

6.   Include data on successful outcomes for that year and include any particular success stories.

7.   Confirmation that mailouts/emails have been read and responded to.

8.   Show how you raise the profile of SPEC within your school and the wider community. For example how does SPEC feature on your school

      website, course booklet, information to parents?  You may include copies.

9.   Membership is current and accounts paid promptly.

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