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Word Cards

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A5 Discussion cards are used to introduce the students to the

picture that they associate with the words they must learn for each book.

Nineteen out of the first twenty words for Book 1 have a picture.

The teacher will make up a story around the picture, emphasising

the actual word it represents.

Students will learn that every time they see the picture of a

bee in a glass, this represents the word ‘it’.

The teacher may say the following when holding up the picture of the bee:

Can you see it?

it is stuck

it cannot get out

So when you see this picture is says the word ‘it’.

Every attempt must be made not to use bee or glass as this will add


You will note that the cards are colour coded  blue for Book 1, red for

Book 2, yellow for Book 3 etc.  

This is so they can easily be sorted back into their respective sets.

The A5 cards are accompanied by 2 x’s set of smaller coloured

picture cards, with the background removed, and 2 x’s sets of

word cards.

The different word games are as extensive as your imagination


Matching A5 pictures to the smaller pictures.

Matching small pictures with small pictures.

Playing memory games using picture cards only.

Bingo type games using picture cards only.

Matching pictures to words.

Matching words to words.

Making up simple sentences using the word cards.






Students are very competitive and love playing card games.

This has been tested on older high school students who learned

quickly using this method, and had fun!

We under-estimate the value of  these ‘hands on’ activities with

so many IPads, Apps, computer games which mostly remove the

personal interaction with others.