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Since 2008 Freyberg High School has embraced SPEC as an alternative programme for students who have a wide range of learning and behaviour needs.  We offer the students the opportunity to work on either the supported learning courses or the Mainstream programmes.  Students can select SPEC as an option through the end of the year subject selection process with the guidance of Senior Management and Learning Support staff.  It is delivered to them as a subject that runs across the timetable or alternatively students will participate in it through their Learning Support or Special Education teachers class programmes.

Statistics we are proud of:

Supported Learning Awards

Mainstream Awards:

Freyberg High School love facilitating SPEC verification meetings and showcasing our students completed portfolios.  We have a rigorous internal moderation procedure and the folders we present are of a very high standard and full of students own work.  Our students are also very proud of their folders and love the feedback their receive.

Here are some student comments:

“I like SPEC because it is a lot of fun and you get all the help you need in school. I never liked school until I did SPEC.  Now I love school.  It’s the best and it helps you with reading and writing”.  Connor Year 12

“I have learnt to manage my own tasks.  The planning side of SPEC helps me to get my work done and completed on time.  I was really proud of my completed Shooting Star folder and gave it to my English teacher to use as evidence for my Literacy credits”. Hayden Year 12

“SPEC is more hands on, doing activities that are fun and helpful to you.  You get more one on one help in SPEC”.  April Year 12

“ SPEC is very supportive if you need help.  You can learn new skills and bring new ideas to SPEC.  It is educational, hardworking and relaxing.  Everyone is friendly and the teachers motivate you to keep going.  The activities are fun and creative”.  Torika  Year 12

SPEC will continue to be offered as an alternative subject to students at Freyberg.  The on-going high level of interest from students is exciting and an indication that SPEC at Freyberg is a success, deserving of its excellence status.

Phyllis Burns - HOD Learning Support

Freyberg High School-

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