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Skills for Living Pathway for Supported Learners

What does this look like for a student?

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2853 - New Zealand Certificate in Skills for Living

for supported learners

with an Optional Strand for Skills for Work

Level 1 (55 - 75 credits)

New Zealand Certificate in Foundation Skills

Level 1

Leave school

and get a job

Become involved in




This qualification is for students who require ingoing support with their learning.  The students often need

a differentiated content to be able to access the curriculum, and sometimes also require assistive

technology to be able to communicate effectively and record their learning.  This is a very relevant new

qualification for young people who have a learning disability or intellectual disability.

This qualification provides opportunities to learn in ‘real’ life situations, and focuses on the development

of the Key Competencies.  It also provides ‘personalised’ learning.  This means that a programme can be

‘Tailored’ to each individual student’s learning needs, making learning relevant and meaningful, and

ensuring that students are well equipped to make a smooth transition when they leave school.


2853 with a Tertiary provider

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