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Blomfield Special School has been delivering the SPEC Headway modules from SPEC”s infancy in 2008.


“We have increased the number of students we have targeted and the range of SPEC modules we offer.

In 2011 we began offering the TRUMP course at one of our satellite units.

In 2013 we had ten students complete the Participating and Contributing module.

We have two class teachers and five support staff assisting in the delivery of these modules.

Our senior students (27 students) completed 34 Headway modules covering a range of topics to suit individual student’s needs.  The senior classes involve 8 teachers and up to ten teacher aides who all contribute to the delivery of these modules.  In 2013 we also had Outreach teachers in other mainstream schools who we supported in using SPEC to set work for their students to leave with mainstream class teachers and their teacher aides.

I anticipate the numbers to be very similar next year.  In 2014 Blomfield School will continue to offer SPEC modules through the school in all senior classes.  We are looking at beginning TRUMP in our Kaiatia Primary school satellite.

Modules are selected to support Individual Plans of each student and students have input as to what their plan is for each year.  Students and families value the student workbooks that each person puts together as evidence of their work.  These are sometimes laminated and referred to be the student over and over again.  They are particularly appealing because of the visual nature of the evidence.

Blomfield School successfully hosted a verification meeting in our new Transition building in Dec 2013 and now we have the facilities we are happy to provide a venue for any further training or SPEC meetings.  We continue to show staff from other schools and parents the programme we run, which includes showing the SPEC work the student do and the range of SPEC modules available.

We are also able to show students work and freely discuss the advantages of individualised learning programmes.  This year we have been able to send new staff to training so that they are more fully able to implement the modules.

In our school brochure, parent handbook, school website and school foyer we openly promote SPEC as an integral part of our programming.

Blomfield Special School -

Contact SPEC: phone 06 877 7410

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