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Specific Preparation for Employment and Citizenship -  Level 2

with a range of credits that can be used towards NCEA Level 2

SPEC Level 2

With the ministry’s target of  85% of Year 12 students achieving NCEA Level 2 or equivalent

here is an alternative approach in helping to gaining the necessary credits needed.

This programme may be used with students who are struggling with a full Level 2 NCEA


The unit standards suggested for this programme, are in the main associated with the

Key Competencies.

There are plenty of opportunities to cover a range of Level 2 credits.

Click on the book cover to view  a sample page.

NB: If students require the literacy and numeracy components needed to achieve NCEA Level 2, tasks in this book require s student to demonstrate literacy, and there are many tasks that provide the opportunity to demonstrate numeracy.

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