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TRUMP Programme

The T.R.U.M.P. Key Competency programme consists of five modules.  Each one has a particular Key Competency focus.  The tasks are written for students

who are functioning at Level 1 or towards Level 1 of the New Zealand Curriculum.  The subject areas follow the New Zealand Curriculum.

In each workbook there is a ‘Free Option’ to accommodate a student’s passion or particular interest.

This programme can be delivered in a Primary, Intermediate, Special School or in a High school.  The  programme has the potential to provide a smooth transition

from one school to another, and the basics covered will prepare the students for the recently approved new - New Zealand Certificate in Skills for Living, for

Supported Learners, with an Optional Strand for Skills for Working.  

The new qualification provides a credible and relevant outcome for a student who will require additional support with their learning throughout their

school years and beyond.

Primary and Intermediate schools are being encouraged to start building the scaffold of personalised learning and Key Competency focus for any student who is

considered ‘at risk’ and require an alternative approach to be successful during their school years.

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