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Book 5 - Stumpy

The fifth reading book ‘Stumpy’ introduces a last 20 words making the total 100 sight words learned in Books 1 - 5.

Stumpy is revealed in Book 5, and the reason for him being so grumpy is also revealed.  He wants revenge!

He complies a plan to take over the shed and waits until Spike and the Pukes decide to go out.

The issues around consequences, and how to deal with issues all come into play.

There is also a serious safety issues around fire safety, and simple first aid for burns in this story.

The story Stumpy uses all 100 sight words learned and this is reflected in the number of words to a page, and the variety of sentences used.

An example of the controlled vocabulary can be seen on page 19 below.  The word ‘sign’ is not used because it is not one of the words the students

have learned.  Instead we refer to the sign as ‘this’, and the picture tells us the rest.

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