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NZQA Approved Programmes leading to two New Zealand Qualifications

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Secondary School Programme Accreditation Applications for South Pacific Educational Courses Limited’s

(SPEC) approved programmes


1.        Login to NZQA’s secure extranet

2.        Click on the hyperlink ‘School’s Administration’

3.         Click on ‘Applications’

4.        Find and click on ‘Create Application’ – it will appear below the list of applications that are already in process

5.        Click on ‘Programme Accreditation’ – please do not use ‘Programme Approval and Accreditation’ as this

 application type does not link to SPEC’s approved programmes

6.        Click on ‘Contact Details’ then populate the required data fields, which are marked with asterisks, and save

7.         Enter the number of the SPEC programme (this will be on the letter we provide for you)

2853 for Skills for Living for Supported Learners - This is the number associated with the qualification.

2861 for Foundation Skills (Level 1) - This is the number associated with the qualification.

8.        Click on the programme title – this will select the relevant SPEC programme

9.       Click on ‘Continue’

10.      Populate the required data fields for:

Delivery and Assessment

Consent to Assess

11.      Upload documents that are relevant to the application such as

     Letter from SPEC

CV or Job Description for teacher

SPEC moderation procedures

Procedure for review of programme delivery

12.       Add any  comments

13.       Submit  application