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Shooting Star - Entry Level

Shooting Star Award

Target Audience Year 9 or 10.  

This is can be used as an introduction to the New Zealand Certificate in Foundation Skills level 1.

The tasks in this workbook are straightforward and students may receive help and support to

complete them.

The following are section titles:

1. Creative Evidence

2. Healthy Living and the Household

3. Sports and Leisure

4. Creativity

5. Exploring Cultures

6. New Zealand Culture

7. Free Option

Within the above seven sections there are 25 different tasks and students must choose a minimum of six over four different sections.

Students learn to plan and self manage tasks by breaking them down into small steps.

Learning goals are written to meet the learning needs of the student.

Students take part in every aspect of their learning to include a self review of each task and of how they have demonstrated the Key Competencies.

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