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"Oaklynn continues to be committed to using SPEC as a vehicle for delivering the NZ curriculum to our students across the school.

This year Oaklynn has looked at ways of tightening the links between students IEP's, the Key Competencies and SPEC TRUMP.  We are

currently supporting our teachers of the High School age students to modify students learning plans to align more closely with the Key

Competency Pathway.  This alignment will allow us to use SPEC better to support students to meet theri personalised goals within each Key


Further to this, all high school age students will also be completing Headway modules to support theri learning alongside TRUMP.

A focus for 2015 is looking at ways our tertiary age students can have more autonomy over their learning.  We will look at ways that we can

better work with students within their individual interest areas, with a view to students not only completing modules determined by their

learning needs, which are largely adult determined and adult led, but to also choose a personal interest.

As well as TRUMP and Headway modules, Oaklynn students have trialled the Spek Reading Programme and this will continue into 2015.

Teachers were very pleased with student outcomes and will extend theb use of the programme, more widely within theri classes.

We continue to highlight SPEC as important by identifying a SPEC co-ordinator within the schools, and that person holds a management unit

and is given regular release to support others teaches with the delivery and recording of SPEC.

Louise Doyle (Principal)

Summary of SPEC at Oaklynn 2014

In 2014, 13 teachers in the Oaklynn senior school used the SPEC modulesas the main vechicle for accessing the New Zealand curriculum.

SPEC was part of the individual programming for over 90 students.

Oaklynn School undertook a 3 day TEEACH training at the beginning of 2014 and teachers were involved in establishing TEEACH principles in

their class, which supported the SPEC delivery.

Teachers successfully presented 14 completed Headway modules for the mid year verification and 41 TRUMP files, and then 134 Headway

Modules at the end of the year meeting. The majority of the Headway folders included work on at least 75% of the tasks, well above the

minimum 4 tasks.  The slight increase in TRUMP files and the slight decrease in Headway modules reflects the changing makeup of the senior


A culture of aiming for a high standard of work presentation and the need to produce a reasonable volume of SPEC work has been

established within the school.  New teachers entering the senior school are offered individual support to work towards this.

Two teachers new to SPEC attended a designated training session at the beginning of the year.

Two teachers new to SPEC attended the mid year verification, alongside the SPEC Co-ordinator.

Sonya, AP senior school, SPEC Co-ordinator and a teacher attended the end of year verification at BLENNZ.


Different ways of doing this have been trialled, from using all the teachers involved in delivering SPEC, to the current system where the

Senior Management team and other key teachers make up the modertaion panel.  This enables a better overseeing of consistency.  It also

gives the Senior management team an excellent opportunity to link in with what is happening in the senior school.  Senior teachers are then

better able to support staff.

Teachers are given the opportunity to look at each others files when they are collated ready for verification.


14 teachers and 85 students will be suing SPEC.

All resources are now stored and managed at Green Bay High School Te Aratika Unit.  A library of exemplars is developing to assist teachers

new to SPEC to help expand ideas and show how to present evidence.

There will continue to be a SPEC Co-ordinator role overseen by Senior Manahement.

The three classes at Te Aratika, our Green Bay High School unit will be trialling a change in the way Oaklynn School writes and delivers

IEP's.  This is a system in development and will be based on the Key Competencies Pathway as a guiding document.  There is an obvious link

to the delivery of SPEC, which has already led to an increase in SPEC work by the teachers invlved.  Traditionally the presentation of end of

year folders has been at the end of the academic year, but this year all 3 classes have ordered and are already starting work on new




Oaklynn Special School -

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