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Excellence Schools

Lynfield College has fulfilled the criteria for a SPEC Excellence school in the following ways:

Letter from S W Bovaird (Principal at Lynfield College) 3rd Dec 2014

Lynfield College has invested in the SPEC programme to provide an alternative programme for students who require a more supported

learning opportunity.

As Principal of the school I have endorsed the programme as an alternative course for the students. The course caters for those who may benefit from learning more practical based skills and has included work placements,.  Our school website has exhibited a range of student activity in the wider community virtue of the SPEC programme.

The programme at Lynfield is delivered by experienced and skilled staff that have not only maintained consistent high standards but also provided professional development opportunities to staff from other schools by welcoming visits.  The school has also hosted two verification meetings.

Wendy Johnston (Parent) 5th  Dec 2013

The SPEC class has been a major catalyst in my Daughter Claire’s transformation since attending Lynfield College.

Claire’s enhanced perception of self and sense of worth is, I believe, evidence of this transformation.  Her confidence and motivation towards academic learning has soared in the secure environment of the SPEC class.  From my observation as a parent, the SPEC teachers identify a child’s interests; turn their enthusiasm into structured academic activities which then translate into the other areas of learning.  The teachers are undoubtedly gifted and committed to their profession and Lynfield is exceptionally fortunate to have the intuitive/intelligence combination in the special staff involved in this programme.

My daughter approaches the threshold of venturing into the big world and I cannot thank the school enough for what she has achieved through this programme, and the Lynfield staff who inspire these children to discover their place in a complex world.

Mrs Singh and her assistant are extraordinary and I believe that what they do is also indicative of strong leadership and support within the school.

Statement from Janisha Maisuria (Year 11 student) 5th  Dec 2013

SPEC has helped me in many ways.  It has helped me to be more confident, communicate with people, be independent and know how to talk with people.  I have been able to do things I never thought I’d be able to do.  I have improved a lot in my personal life and in school because I feel better about myself.

I enjoyed doing the group task and put a lot of effort in this task.  I communicated well with my group as I was the group leader.  My teacher was impressed with me.  The Dean, the Principal and teachers were invited to give us feedback.

It was also good going out of school on my own and doing volunteer work with people I didn’t know.  I talked to the staff at the Childcare Centre and this was good for me.  It was good spending time with kids in this task.  I want to do childcare when I leave school.

I have loved everything I did in SPEC because it was a challenge and I like taking challenges in life.  I tried my best at the work in SPEC and also improved my attendance at school.  I love the teachers, they are the best and they try their best to help us improve.

I was happy when I found out that I was getting an award for SPEC because I worked hard for every task in SPEC.  Tis is the first time I have got an award.  My parents and family were very happy as well.

Pooja Prinsha (Year 10 student) 29th Nov 2013

I have enjoyed my SPEC classes a lot this year and have also chosen to take SPEC as an option in Year 11.

While doing one of the tasks I made a picture of an elephant and got the Principal’s award for it.  I was able to learn about presentation and the importance of finer details.  If it hadn’t been for SPEC I wouldn’t have found out that effort and hard work gives you the best results.  The course has also enabled me to value art as I had never done before.  It has also exposed me to a new career pathway which could be fun and very interesting at the same time.

Every student should engage in a programme such as SPEC as it will provide them with opportunities where they will be exposed to new career pathways and options for their future.  It will also bring out hidden talents in students.  For example if it wasn’t for SPEC I wouldn’t have found out about the hidden talent of an artist within me.

I would like to thank the programme co-ordinators for giving me this great opportunity to be part of something which I will always cherish. Thanks for making me realise an optional career pathway which I can take in future.

Contact SPEC: phone 06 877 7410

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