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Book 2 - The cave

The second reading book ‘The cave’ introduces a further 20 words that students learn prior to receiving the second reading book.  

Having landed in New Zealand, Spike heads off into the bush, with a bag that he found left on the beach.

There are things in the bag that are used throughout this book.

The story books contain situations that involve health and safety, friendships, problem solving and dealing with situations, healthy living and all other

sorts of topics of interest are included.

Once again, the pictures tell the detailed story and it is important that the teacher spends time with the students, pulling out the detail.

In this story, the first 20 words learned in Book 1, along with the new set of 20 words learned for this book are used to create the story line.

There is lots of repetition of the words so the students have lots of practice in reading them.

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