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NZQA Approved Programmes leading to two New Zealand Qualifications

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Schools must be a SPEC members if they wish to offer SPEC programmes.

Membership entitles schools to as many one hour complimentary PD sessions via zoom.

All you need to do is email carolyn@spec.org.nz to arrange your session/s

There are three simple steps to becoming a SPEC Member.

1.  Take part in an initial professional development session. See Training link for details.     


2. Print the Membership Form from the website. Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions

     Complete the required details and scan/email to sarah@spec.org.nz.

3.  Order the resources you require (The Teacher’s Guideline is a mandatory resource) and get started.

     NB: You are able to sign up, read the Teacher Guidelines and order resources before you take part in the Zoom  PD session.


One of the core values of our organisation is the promotion of personalised learning, developing competencies, resulting in personal growth, and social development.

Through our pedagogy and approved programmes we enable people to enhance their self-confidence,  raise self esteem and nurture their  passion, and ensure they have the skills needed for

 further study, employment and life.

We pride ourselves on providing high quality NZQA approved programmes that now  lead to Level 1 New Zealand Qualifications.

The success of the SPEC courses is largely due to the network of support available to schools across the whole country, the face to face verification meetings along with the ongoing professional

development, exciting current resources that motivate students, and the fact that each and every individual student is valued and their learning needs are met.  

Annual Membership for 2024   Schools with a total roll of 300 + students is $640 + GST (2024)    Schools with a total roll of 300 - students  is  $520 + GST (2024)     Discretionary Fees for small schools or up to 5 students  is $350 + GST (2024)
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