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NZQA Approved Programmes leading to two New Zealand Qualifications

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Instructions for Reporting the New Zealand Qualifications to NZQA

A key difference between National Certificates and the new qualifications is that students must be undertaking an approved

programme of study which is designed to lead to the graduate outcome in the certificate. This means that a New Zealand

Certificate cannot be awarded solely on the basis of a student having achieved particular standards (as it could for National

Certificates).  The student must now have undertaken an approved programme of study.

This change means that schools with programme accreditation will need to report the successful completion of a New Zealand

Certificate to NZQA. The school will continue to be the awarding body, as it is now for National Certificates. Reporting the

achievement to NZQA will enable NZQA to issue the certificate to the student and to maintain the student’s New Zealand

Record of Achievement.

Schools will need to:

by 1 December each year; and

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