Future Focused Learning

NZQA Approved Programmes leading to two New Zealand Qualifications

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Headway CodesNZ FoundationNZ Skills for LIvingHW Entry LevelShooting StarSensory

All completed student portfolios MUST go through a

internal moderation. See your Teacher Guidelines for more detail.


Programmes are colour coded so you can

select the correct student submission form.

When a student has completed a module, choose the correct

school checklist and carry out your own internal moderation.

If  there is sufficient  authentic evidence, and the requirements of  the

module have been met, you then enter the student’s name on  the

submission form.

You can click on the forms (Right)

Completed forms must be emailed back to the SPEC office one week before

the date of  the meeting.

 Send completed forms to carolyn@spec.org.nz

Schools are required to ‘showcase’ student’s work during the zoom meeting.

 This can be any format, and include students talking about their work.

The ‘showcase’ should be approx. 10 minutes per school.

There will be a total of three schools per meeting.

Certificates will be awarded following a successful Zoom presentation.

A postage charge will be applied, however certificates are

gifted by SPEC.

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Zoom meetings will be arranged in July and November for 2024

Headway codes are used to fill out the student submission form

for NZ Skills for Living and HW Entry Level only.

Submission Forms below.